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October 22, 2011

Help From Our Nappy Experts: Help! Too Many Nappy Leaks – What Can I Do?

Leaking Nappies – What Can I do?

Leaks are one of the FAQ about nappies, whether they be blowouts from a disposable, or just regular piddle leaks. There are a number of reasons, and a variety of solutions.

Read on to see the solutions and suggestions Our Nappy Experts have offered to Elise, a mum whose young baby’s nappy is leaking several times a day…

Hi there, I must be doing something wrong. I get at least 3 or 4 big leaks a day and still change them every 2-3 hours. My baby is 6.5 months old and is quite a long lean baby at 7. 5kgs. I have the kind that has the insert in a pocket and the nappies have snaps to adjust. Am just about to give up – in fact he’s in a disposable now as the 2nd outfit got wrecked before I got out the door this morning. My nappies are relatively new so I doubt it it build up of product – and I washed them several times first – not much detergent and no softeners etc. I’m not even sure where the leak is coming from – i.e. sides or top. There is a bit of a gap at the top but the size smaller is really tight. They also seem to wriggle down so that could be a problem. I noticed the other day when he was in the pram for a few hours he was fine but when he gets moving and crawling they seem to leak… Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much. I really want to keep using them. – Elise

Hi Elise, I sent a request to our list of Nappy Experts, and below I have compiled the responses as a new article. Thanks for your question, there is no doubt that others are having the same problems. Let’s hope their helpful suggestion can find you a solution! – Charndra

Tam from Baby Mumma:

Hi Elise, I would suggest trying a different brand. There are a lot of different types of nappies available and some fit certain shapes better than others. You also tend to pay what you get for IMO. If you are not sure what to look for there are places that also offer a library service where you can try many different brands before you buy.

Missy from Fluffy Buns:

Some brands or nappy styles don’t suit all babies, it could be that the nappies you are using are not fitting your baby well. A strip wash* is basically a long wash with dish liquid in the machine, lots of bubbles to really clean the nappies, and then keep rinsing until no bubbles are left. If this hasn’t helped I would suggest trying a different style, a nappy without PUL and using a cover may help, these nappies are all absorbent and less likely to leak, a nice wool cover will prevent and moisture getting out. The mother ease bamboo nappy with a woollybottoms cover are the way to go. * See more information on Strip Washing at the end of the responses, below.

Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products:

Hi Elise. It’s either a fit or absorbency problem- there are a number of things you can do- if it is not enough absorbency you can add extra absorbency to the nappy with a lay in booster against bubs skin, you can also use a cover and wool would be ideal as it absorbs what the nappy doesn’t and also waterproofs, and also if it is the actual fit of the nappy you may have to change brands.

Cassie from Itty Bitty Bums:

It may be from nappy rash creams? If you use zinc based creams it can build up on your nappy and it is very hard to remove. Or you may have to put more absorbency in the nappy? Or really you may just have to try another brand! I hope this helps, I hope you don’t give up on using them!

Lara from Extremely Nappies (closed):

Hi Elise,

You didn’t mention how many boosters you are using, and what sort: at around 6 months you generally need more absorbency than you did before.

Assuming the fit is right (no gaping) and the inners aren’t repelling (do a strip wash), it could simply be a case of adding another booster.

In the nappies I make for instance, there’s a microfiber booster (3 layers) and a bamboo booster (2 layers of thick, fleece bamboo). If your equivalent is less than this, try adding another booster. I recommend adding an extra bamboo after bub is 6 months anyway, to get longer out of each nappy.

There’s strip-wash instructions and trouble-shooting on my website, see my Extremely Nappies FAQ

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

Hi Elise,

Since you’ve said the nappies are quite new I would be checking the fit around your son’s legs, and also the absorbency of the inserts. It’s really important to get a tight fit around the thighs, this can be hard with OSFM nappies, and if you are using sized nappies they might be a bit too big. As soon as you a bit of a gape around the legs the wee will run straight out rather than being soaked up. As for the inserts, try doubling up whatever inserts you have in one nappy, and if that works then they probably just aren’t absorbent enough so you’ll have to use a booster 🙂

Hope that helps!


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