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March 12, 2011

Aussie Cloth Nappy Shops: Krap Katchers

Krap Katchers is based in Queensland, Australia, and is owned by Nicole.

Let’s discover a bit more about this store with the very catchy name:

Tell us the story behind the name of your shop:

The original owner started the name off as bit of a joke but it stuck so Krap Katchers was born.  When I took over the business I decided to keep the name for a number or reasons and yep this is despite knowing some people don’t like it, but you can’t win every battle.  I think the name reflects my personality quite well as its catchy, cute, cringe worthy, memorable and has a sense of humour with the tongue firmly planted in cheek!

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Tell us about your products:

We sell Stuff ‘em Silly pocket nappies.  They have been designed to keep heavy wetting babies dry overnight, but we don’t discriminate all types of wetters are welcome and day time use is also encouraged.  Originally designed just for one baby but once word got out that one mum managed to keep the Niagara Falls contained, everyone wanted in on the action!  Our range has also expanded to include trim pocket nappies specifically for day time use called Brazilian Bikinis.

Let’s have a look at some of your Stuff ‘Em Silly Night Time Nappies:

Tell us about your background and what inspires you to have your own business?

I am a married with two gorgeous daughters, Madeleine is 2.5 and Genevieve is 1, and they like to keep us on our toes!  We have used and loved modern cloth nappies on birth girls since birth, and I love to remind those that doubted our efforts that we are still going strong.  Seriously who can resist the thrill of fluffy mail arrival?!  I am  currently trying to finish my degree in Food Technology that I started before having the girls.  However since being a Stay At Home Mum I rediscovered my love of sewing, so when the opportunity arose to combine sewing and my obsession for MCN I jumped at the chance.  I love my new venture and I want this to be my long time career!

What extra information and support for using cloth nappies do you provide?

I am very happy to help provide comeback to those ignorant few who continue to condescend your use/plans to use MCN.  Also don’t be afraid to contact me for any questions you might have about any of our products or MCN in general.  If I don’t have an answer that satisfies you I’m happy to point you in the direction of many great resources.  If you live in South East Queensland, I am willing to demonstrate our products or to show off my own stash to give you in real life examples of MCN.

May 2, 2010

Night Nappies. What Do You Use?

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About Night Nappies: What do you use at nighttime?

My Green Nappy – facebook ‘Mama Congo’ #1: Nighttime Nappies.


Cushie Tushie Couture at night 🙂 they are great.


I used to use disposables at night, but now I use an extra booster in my normal modern cloth nappies and that works perfectly 🙂


Generally a Green Kids or my Blueberry. Both can be stuffed with extra boosters and work really well


Baby BeeHinds night nappy, plus hand knitted wool soaker


Ecobubs wool pocket. Works great.


Issy bear nappies have night nappies too.


Auriel night nappy or honeyboy night nappy with hand knitted soaker or longies for winter. I’ve heard marvelous things about beetlebums wooly night nappy, just waiting to snaffle one. 😉


Pop In’s with Dri Night Pop In Booster works at treat!


Bonnibuns – bonnibuns night nappies are the cutest, most clever nappy in my stash: highly recommend them! Soooo well made.


Mostly Baby Beehinds (BBH) bamboo nappies with their covers – tho i hace a cool sandman nappy i refer to as her parachute pants which never gets fully wet


Pocket nappies are fab for night time because you can put in as many inserts as you like to make them super duper absorbent. our Green Kids will easily do 12-14 hours with room to move!


I use Baby BeeHinds Bamboo fitted 24/7. My girls are big wetters and these do the trick wonderfully with a woollen cover 😀


With #1 we always used a disposable at night, but with #2 we have always used a MCN. We use a Mother Ease bamboo fitted with 4 boosters & a Rikki cover or we have 1 beautiful Bubble Bubs night nappy which is less bulky & great for if we are going out & he is going to sleep. We found the hardest thing is getting gro-suits to fit over the massive night nappies, but we manage. He is a very heavy wetter & almost constant night feeder.

Michelle Toia:

Yes modern cloth nappies have definitely gone a long way towards dispelling the myth of only disposables at night! Some good choices there ; )


We used a Mandy Mac (hemp) stuffed with a bamboo trifold. Oh, and a PUL cover


The Sandman works terrifically, never gets all soaked.


The Sandman wins hands down!  Have tried a LOT and this was the only one that worked for my daughter. Soaked it all up, but left her skin dry, and never leaked!

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