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November 26, 2010

Top Nappy Advice for YOU from Liz of Real Nappies NZ…

Top Nappy Advice from Liz of Real Nappies NZ:

How do I stop my modern cloth nappies from leaking?

MCN so work and if yours don’t there are usually a few simple steps that you can follow and have your wonderful cloth nappies working for you in no time.

Believe me you will never look back…

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1. Washing.

Make sure you have followed the instructions and washed your nappies the correct amount of times before using them. This may seem like a laborious task but it is a very necessary one. It’s a little like using a towel before it has been washed – not very soft and absorbent. Real Nappies use cotton inserts and we suggest washing them 3 times before use (no need to dry them in- between washes). Your cotton prefolds will shrink and fluff up and become super absorbent. Other fabrics such as hemp or bamboo will require more washing – sometimes up to 6 times, but please check with the company you have purchased from.

2. Sealing.

It is very important that you do not have any nappy poking out from your cover. Real Nappies wraps have a snug elasticated leg hole and fully adjustable ‘velcro-type’ pads to get a really snug fit. It is very important that you fasten the wraps firmly so that there is a snug seal around the legs – firm but not tight. If any of the nappy is protruding, simply poke it back in.

3. No Up-size thanks!

Do not be tempted to try to put your baby in a bigger size nappy before they are ready. MCN manufacturers have worked hard to give you an accurate sizing guideline usually based on weight of bubs compared to the necessary absorbency levels, so please follow the guideline. A nappy too big for bubs will be too bulky for them and you will not get that snug seal. A nappy too small will most likely not be absorbent enough. Real Nappies have 4 sizes of nappies to give a snug, leakproof fit through all the stages of your baby’s development.

4. No Origami please!

Gone are the days of labour-intensive nappy folding and fastening with pins – hooray! Some nappies you ‘stuff’ the nappy inside a pocket, some have the padding built in. Other you can adjust to your baby. As not all babies pee in the same place, depending on boys, girls and sleeping positions, with Real Nappies you are able to fully customize your nappy to suit your baby’s requirements. Simply adjust the fold for a boy / girl or newborn.

5. No bleach or fabric softener.

One wash with bleach or fabric softener can literally destroy your nappies and covers and they will loose there absorbency and waterproofness immediately. There are ways to help some products such as Real Nappies. Although we only recommend using this method as a last resort: Run your covers and cloth nappy prefolds through a wash with hot water (if allowed by manufacturer’s washing instructions). Run a second wash using 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar in the wash – and 1/2 cup vinegar again in first rinse cycle. Run a second rinse cycle with plain water.

6. Simple ways to protect your MCN’s:

  • Don’t use too much detergent – this can lead to stinky covers, remember less is more.
  • Be careful when using nappy creams, these can leave stains and destroy the fabric of your nappies.
  • Protect your nappies by using a liner such as Real Nappies flushable liners. Do not use laundry detergents that contain perfumes, dyes, chlorine bleaching agents or fabric softeners – our fave is Persil Sensitive.
  • Unfold your nappies before washing to allow complete cleaning. Some MCN’s do not allow you to open them totally up for cleaning, with Real Nappies this is made easy as the prefolds are separate from the cover, meaning easier and quicker washing and drying. Plus less washing as you do not have to wash the cover every time just take our the inner prefold.
  • Do add occasionally a 1/2 cup of vinegar to the first rinse cycle in order to remove any residual detergent. This deodorizes, sanitizes and brightens. Don’t overuse or use in final rinse, as this will have the opposite effect! Your nappies may become smelly. Don’t use vinegar on nappy covers except one time when you are trying to strip detergent residue off.
  • Do use an extra spin cycle after washing. This will reduce drying time up to 25%!
  • Do throw a dry towel in the dryer with your nappies. This will reduce drying time as well!

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