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June 3, 2010

Shrinking Baby’s Carbon Footprint: 1 Important Tip To Make Sure Your Cloth Nappy Use Produces Less C02…

We all know about global warming and how we can make a difference for future generations with small changes. Babies are small, so it is fitting that by making little adjustments within our lifestyles, we can shrink the carbon footprint of our babies. This is great for the future,  and is settling a standard of sustainability others can follow too!

For today’s topic we’ve asked our Nappy WAHM’s the question:

What is 1 important tip to make sure your cloth nappy use produces less C02?

I’m pleased to have contributions from many friends of My Green Nappy included in this absorbing article. We have Emma from Brindabella Baby, Mel from Little Para PantsLouise from Scamps BoutiqueEva from Oz Baby Trends, Inge from Earth KidzKyra of Bubbalooba, Cassandra from New Age Nappies, Annette from Iish Fly, Michelle from Issy Bear Nappies, Ashley from Cheeky Creations, Carli from MiniLaLa, Tracey fromFlattery, Bec from Baby Chilli, Julie from Cloth For Comfort and Chris froBaby Bullfrogs.

Let’s see what they have to say:

“Using cloth benefits our environment. What is 1 important tip to make sure your cloth nappy use produces less C02?”

Emma of Brindabella Baby:

Once you’ve found a nappy system that suits you, buy exactly the number of nappies that fits in your washing machine, plus six (to wear on washing day). This means you only ever wash a full load, but haven’t bought more nappies than you really need.

Mel of Little Para Pants:

Use them for more than one child, I’m thinking.

Louise of Scamps Boutique, NZ:

Use a dry pail instead of a wet pail.
Eva of Oz Baby Trends:
Hang them on the line!! Unless you have rain for 3 weeks or an insufficient stash, there’s no need to use a dryer.
Cassandra of New Age Nappies:

Try to line dry.

Annette of Iish Fly:

Purchase enough nappies so you only have to wash twice a week, and always dry them on a line, in the sun is best. Sell the clothes dryer and purchase 1 if not 2 small indoor clothes drying racks for those wet days.

Michelle of Issy Bear Nappies:

Use the line wherever possible. Use minimal amount of detergents.

Ashley of Cheeky Creations:

Hang your nappies out in the sun instead of using the dryer. Dryers ruin cloth nappies and the sun is so good for them.

Carli from MiniLaLa:

Wash in cold water and line dry! Warm or hot water and tumble drying increases carbon emissions tenfold (approximately).

Tracey from Flattery:

Don’t dry in the dryer

Bec from Baby Chilli:

Use the sun to dry your nappies and not the dryer, its better for them and will make them last longer plus you produce less emissions and your electricity bill will thank you.
Julie from Cloth For Comfort:
Wait until you have a full washing machine load before you wash, and if your machine needs replacing, consider getting a front loader as it uses significantly less water!
Chris from Baby Bullfrogs:
Buy Australian Made – preferably products using natural, organic fabrics.
This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of Mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand. They are so engrossing to read!

Thanks to all of our Nappy Doula’s for taking the time to share their thoughts.
– Charndra.
P.S. I call them a ‘Nappy Doula’ as they will help, guide and be available for support with your Modern Cloth Nappy needs – simply ask for their advice – they are cloth nappy enthusiasts!

3 Recommended Resources about Reducing, Considering or Learning More About Carbon Footprints:

  1. Carbon Neutral – Carbon Neutral is a not for profit company working with hundreds of organisations to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and support revegetation projects.
  2. Planet Ark Green Resolutions – I’ve been getting these all year – Each week, you will receive one Green Resolution with information, tips and links for achieving the specific resolution… It’s great ‘eco-karma’ when one pops up that I am already doing!
  3. Offering Baby a Potty Break to Reduce Your Overall Use of Nappies… – You use cloth nappies. They are a better choice environmentally, using 40% less resources than their disposable counterparts. Even part time use of cloth is a wonderful gesture towards reducing waste.

A Question to You About Shrinking YOUR Baby’s Carbon Footprint:

What is ONE little gesture you have made this week towards reducing waste?

March 21, 2010

Our Planet Matters: The Breathing Earth Simulation

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Just how much CO2 is released in Australia and New Zealand?

The Breathing Earth simulation displays the CO2 emissions of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates.

Check out the Breathing Earth Simulation

The Breathing Earth Simulation

Watch a simulation of total CO2 Emissions released during your visit!

In Australia 1000 tonnes of CO2 is released every 1.4 minutes.

In New Zealand 1000 tonnes of CO2 is released every 15.4 minutes.

From Breathing

The Environment and Climate Change

Global warming (aka climate change) is probably the most important issue to face our generation, and quite possibly any generation in history. The worldwide scientific community is virtually unanimous in its agreement that global warming is happening, that that it’s our fault. If we let it get out of our control, the consequences – which will already begin occuring in most of our lifetimes – will be catastrophic. Just some of the consequences that can be reasonably expected are rising sea levels, more frequent and more severe natural disasters, large-scale food shortages, plagues, massive species extinctions, unprecedented numbers of refugees, intensified ethnic and political tensions, and a global economic depression the likes of which no one has ever seen.

The situation is still within our grasp, but we must act now, we must act strongly, and we must act together.

Individuals, companies, and governments across the globe must each do what they can to reverse climate change.

We will never get a second chance.

What can I do?

The good news is that there are plenty of things that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. The key word is reduce. We can greatly lessen our impact on climate change by using the planet’s resources more responsibly. There are many things we can reduce, and many ways we can reduce them, but three of the major ones are: reduce the amount of animal products you consume (meat, dairy, eggs, leather, etc.), reduce the amount of fuel you use (car, air travel, etc.), and reduce the amount of electricity you use. If you’re interested, there are plenty of good resources on the net. I encourage you to so your own research.

Visit Breathing

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