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February 25, 2013

Meet Our Guest: Destination Green

Let’s Meet Emma, the proud owner of Destination Green:

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m from Sydney. I started my career as a waste educator and currently work as an environmental scientist. I am definitely a “greenie” at heart and initially loved the idea that i could help minimise my first born daughters carbon footprint by using cloth nappies. Seeing how easy it was we are continuing to use them on our second! Just to take it that one step further we started Destination Green to get more people using them!

About Destination Green:

My husband and I own “Destination Green”. It seems all the nappy shops/brands have cute and fluffy names but we came up with the name Destination Green as we want to grow over time to become more than just nappies. We want to become the go-to shop for all things sustainable especially for those on a budget.

Destination Green sells pocket one size fits most nappies, we also have newborn/premmie nappies, with bamboo and double gusset nappies coming soon. We have loads of nappy accessories including some great wet bags and bamboo training pants.

We offer all our facebook fans/likers a FREE gift with their first purchase, and we are always having other specials.

As an environmental scientist i have concerns about all aspects of the environment especially with regard to climate change. Anything we can do to minimise our impact on the environment and help others do the same by making sustainable purchases for our children will help, remembering “every little bit counts”.

When you visit Destination Green make sure you have a look at:

  1. Our Shop – all our cute designer nappies at affordable prices.
  2. Nappy Debate – get real life calculations on how much you can save by using modern cloth nappies.
  3. Blog – It’s not just about bums! It’s about giving you ideas on how to embed sustainability into your children’s life.

Here are three of my favourite sites:

  1. Nappies on a mission – if you no longer need your cloth nappies consider donating them to orphanages through nappies on a mission.
  2. An amazing mum entrepreneur network
  3. Amazing pre-natal, post-natal pilates and massage

Question for readers: How did you convince your partners to go on the cloth nappy journey with you?

Meet Our Guests...Meet Our Guests
– This is a regular feature of My Green Nappy in which family friendly sites are invited to contribute a post about their website. You’ll discover a bit about their ideas, specialties, what motivated their passion and what concerns them about the environment at the moment.
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September 6, 2012

Seconds Cloth Nappies – What Makes a Nappy Maker Dismiss a Cloth Nappy as a ‘Second’ in Quality?

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Seconds Cloth Nappies = Cheaper Cloth Nappies

What makes a nappy maker dismiss a cloth nappy as a ‘second’ in quality?

You can get a cheaper cost by finding ‘seconds’ cloth nappies – but they go fast! They may have one or more of a variety of small imperfections. The high standards of the WAHM make seconds cloth nappies a bargain for you. Join their facebook pages for your chance to grab one when they are available. NB They go FAST.

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

Seconds cloth nappies – what makes a nappy maker dismiss a cloth nappy as a ‘second’ in quality?

Carly from Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappies:

Generally a seconds nappy will have some stitching or snap faults or they could be a perfect nappy that has fallen on the floor and become soiled.

Jenny from Baby Bare:

Anything that is not pristine is a second. We won’t sell a nappy with a broken snap or imperfection that effects it’s use. So seconds usually have a mark on them- usually that will wash out in the first wash.

Kate from Bouncing Sprouts:

Some ‘ebay cheapies’ may vary in quality in terms of cheaper materials/fibres, fit, absorbency & chemicals used in production.  Make sure the nappy you choose has been used, tested and reviewed by independent sources/parents, are made under ethical working conditions and aren’t just another generic nappy with a brand name attached/sewn on to them.

– Our Nappy Experts –

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