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June 12, 2010

Modern Nappies: Finding the Recipe for Your Ideal Stash: 3 Helpful Tips. (+ 1)

There are a wide variety of brands of modern nappies available in Australia and New Zealand.

Hmm, What type of these washable, reusable, money saving and landfill-sparing nappies will best suit your needs?

A chef experiments with ingredients to find just the rightt mix of flavours to make you smile; when building the ideal nappy stash for your baby you can do the same – experiment with a range of nappy styles to find the one you prefer (All in ones? Pocket Nappies? Inserts or prefolds and a cover?) and then sample a few of the many different brands available to find the fabric and fit and fastening that you personally prefer. My goal with this article is to offer you 3 suggestions of simple strategies to explore cloth nappies without breaking the bank.

1. Modern Nappies: Borrow and Share Around Different Cloth Nappies from Friends.

Ask around. “Can I borrow one (or 3) of your All in One nappies for a week? I could lend you one of my Pocket Nappies in exchange” Easy. Three nappies means you can see how they go for a stretch of time. It’s best to set a date to swap back in these cases, then you can share experiences. Why not set up a “Nappychino” to arrange your swaps? Having a cuppa at the same time, chatting with other mums is just great fun too. Everyone arranges a swap and you meet up next week to swap again and troubleshoot or strategize how to get more for your stash!

2. Modern Nappies: Swap and Trade Your Cloth Nappies Online.

There is a MASSIVE online demand for pre-loved nappies. Many mums are easing into cloth nappies by swapping and trading brands and styles of modern nappies to save money as they experiment for their ideal stash recipe. This can be done in the online communities of cloth nappy enthusiasts – there are various forums for swaping, trading and otherwise moving cloth nappies around the great modern cloth nappy continuum at little more than the cost of postage. All the while, a lot of fun is had, friends are made and your cloth nappy experience grows and grows!

3. Modern Nappies: Buy 2nd Hand Cloth Nappies and Save.

Buy a Few Reusable Nappies Secondhand. At auction sites, specialist auction sites, trading or marketplace sections on parenting forums and dedicated cloth nappy forums, and sites specifically designed for moving quality modern cloth nappies from home to home.

Modern Nappies: Bonus +1 = Hire Some Nappies Through a Modern Cloth Nappy Consultant

The best way to optimize your stash is to try a range before you settle on your final selection. Just like borrowing a library book, you can hire out a mixed set of cloth nappies, though for a fee. The terms and rates vary, and often, as they are localised services, you can benefit from the experiences of the mums hiring them out to work out what is best for your needs, as well as troubleshoot any of the many and varied little questions you may have. This is a huge benefit over buying secondhand nappies without an experienced nappy doula to guide your introduction to cloth!
With these 4 tips you will find the ingedients for your ideal stash recipe effectively, while talking with other mums, shopping for your baby, and generally having a great time making the most out of what is perhaps a mundane part of mothering: nappy changing!
Cloth nappy shopping is secretly an underground addiction for mums flexing their retail therapy needs in the best way possible – your baby needs these special clothes everyday, and a number of them – what better ‘excuse’ could you have for buying pretty and useful things?

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May 14, 2010

Cloth or Disposable Nappies: Too Scared to Make the Switch? 3 Reassuring Strategies

(+ 1 Reassuring Fact that Will Have You Racing to Get Your First Bundle of Fluffy Mail ASAP!)

You have entertained the idea of switching to cloth nappies, knowing that they will save you money and are better for the environment, and you’ve seen other mums’ babies in the funky and brightly coloured prints, and cool looking styles of modern nappies… BUT:

The idea of shelling out all that cash up front is too intimidating… what if they don’t work out for you? What if they are the wrong fit for your baby? Will you have just wasted all that money?

My goal with this article is to offer you three very effective strategies that will not only ease your mind, but reassure you that you are doing the right thing AND have you breathing a big sigh of relief that making the switch to cloth nappies is not that big a deal at all. In fact, it will be FUN!

The most important insight is to know that you don’t need to get a full-time set of cloth nappies straight away. You can break the ice by starting with one ‘green’ nappy and experiment…

Here are 3 Strategies to Guide You to Your Ideal Stash of Modern Nappies:

1. Modern Nappies: Buy a Few Reusable Nappies Secondhand.

At auction sites, specialist auction sites, trading or marketplace sections on parenting forums and dedicated cloth nappy forums, and sites specifically designed for moving quality modern cloth nappies from home to home.  Have a look at this list of places to buy or sell modern cloth nappies…

2. Modern Nappies: Hire a Set of Washable Nappies from a lending library or consultancy service.

Just like borrowing a library book, you can hire out a mixed set of cloth nappies, though for a fee. The terms and rates vary, and often, as they are localised services, you can benefit from the experiences of the mums hiring them out to work out what is best for your needs, as well as troubleshoot any of the many and varied little questions you may have. This is a huge benefit over buying secondhand nappies without an experienced nappy doula to guide your introduction to cloth! Have a look at this overview of various nappy hire, lending, library and consultancy services…

3. Modern Nappies: Buy Your Cloth Nappies in Bulk Value Packs to Save!

Yes, just like many other products, buying cloth nappies in bulk means you can gain them at a discount – it is easier for the supplier to bundle up a bigger lot than lots of little packages, and the savings also come to you. So, once you have experimented a bit and have a clear idea of the nappies you prefer, shop around for bulk packs of these nappies. They may include other items as well, such as wipes, additional inserts, and may have a range of styles or colour options as well. Visit my Nappy Style Window for Shops offering Bulk or Value Bundles of Modern Cloth Nappies…

What is the +1? Sell your Secondhand Modern Nappies!

second hand nappies of cloth

Where to Buy Your Cloth Nappies Second Hand

A Non Disposable Nappy is just that – you can RE SELL them all when your baby is finished with them. There is a MASSIVE online demand for pre-loved nappies – as we looked at in #1 above, many mums are easing into cloth nappies by trialling brands and styles of modern nappies second hand to save money as they experiment for their ideal stash recipe.

A question for you about second hand cloth nappies:

Where is your preferred place to buy and sell used cloth nappies online? What great bargains or cool sales have you made?

May 7, 2010

How Do I Find Cheaper Modern Cloth Nappies? 3 Simple Tips…

How do I find cheaper modern cloth nappies?

– You need to find some cloth nappies that are cheaper than the recommended retail price?

Perhaps you are on a tight budget or want to ease into cloth nappies economically. This brief article will help you to get started in finding different sources for your cloth nappies. Yes, there are many ways for you to save money using modern cloth – or, I should say, even MORE money using modern cloth. Potentially, you can save thousands of dollars. This of course depends on what sort of nappies you use, how often, how many babies wear them and now – what you bought them for in the first place!

OK, Let’s look at 3 strategies to find brand new modern cloth nappies for less:

1. Seek out Super Sales on Seconds!

Find new nappies going cheaper for a variety of reasons – out-of-line stitching, wrong label, wrong colour… Every manufacturer will have some sort of an outlet for their seconds nappies – it may be on an auction site, on their main site, at local markets, simply by asking! Visit My Nappy Style Windows to browse the section listing retailers in Australia and New Zealand who have a section or shop for selling their ‘Seconds’ nappies. Do be sure to look at the fine print – as they are seconds, they may not be returnable, and are sold ‘as is’, though often the manufacturing fault is hardly noticeable and does not effect the function of the nappy. You will be told what the flaw is when considering the nappy.

2. Keep Your Eye Out for Fleeting Clearance Sales…

Retailers may have a new stocking coming in, or a few nappies from an old range or style that they want to ‘clear out’ to make way for the new arrivals. You can grab a fast and perhaps very discounted bargain! My Nappy Style Windows has a section specifically listing Modern Cloth Nappy Retailers with a ‘Clearance Sales’ section. You will need to keep an eye on them, so perhaps join their announcement list to be notified when these super specials are up for grabs.

3. Do Some Savvy Searching at Second Hand Marketplaces.

Yes – secondhand auctions and sales sites list new nappies as well – those that were the wrong size or colour, excess in a stash – all sorts of reasons – and you can grab them at reduced prices in the secondharnd market. Remember – they ARE moving to their second home, so be sure you know what they nappy sells for new, and negotiate or cap your bids accordingly. Used Nappies has a category for heavily discounted new nappies, with at least 30% off the retail price. This site lists the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – it is ALWAYS smart to know what the nappy is going for new, so that you can spot a bargain, or negotiate on the price knowledgeably.

Finding modern cloth nappies cheaper will be a breeze following these 3 helpful tips. You’ll be able to get a killer stash for much less with a little clever hunting around and clicking with your mouse. Sometimes, every little bit helps, and that is a common time when we have little ones in the nappy stage. ENJOY hunting for the best bargains you can find, and feel proud when you do! Other articles on My Green Nappy will have other tips for finding nappies at the best prices, and have a look through the other resources and see what you can find.

Your Frugal Challenge:

What if you picked a style or brand of nappy you want to get, then spend the next week tracking down cheaper sources for that nappy? Set a price and seek it out!

The Mission of My Green Nappy is to encourage and help every parent down under to have at least ONE ‘green’ nappy in their baby’s wardrobe, knowing that whenever the baby wears it, one less disposable nappy will be heading off to landfill…

3 More relevant resources at My Green Nappy:

1. Modern Cloth Nappies on a Budget: 3 Cost Cutting Strategies…

2. Where you can look for quality secondhand cloth nappies.

3.You can save by purchasing though My Nappy Style Window for Bulk Packs or Value Bundles of Modern Cloth Nappies.

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March 1, 2010

That’s My Green Nappy!

'Lime Spider', a nappy hand made by Tamara of Jax Naps

How did you get started with modern cloth nappies?

With which nappy brand did you ease into green?

Describe your first modern cloth nappy.

It is interesting to discover the many ways mums find out about modern cloth nappies – through friends, by happy accident, by researching alternatives online when their baby gets a rash in disposables, though sewing circles, mothers groups and online forums… It helps mums considering making the switch to read about your journey into cloth! (and everyone else too!)

This giveaway has been drawn, stand by for an announcement of the winner shortly!

Our Comment Question is:

Describe your first modern cloth nappy…

Read through the responses left by other mums to see what cloth nappy they started with. Leave a comment in the comment box below.

What if you tell us:

  • What brand and style of nappy it was and the Cloth Nappy Shop you got it from…
  • Here are your babies in green nappies:

    • Would you like to add a photo to this gallery? Email me a photo of your baby in a cloth nappy with your first name and the name of your baby.

    My Green Nappy: Start with One!

    February 1, 2010

    My Green Nappy: Do YOU have one?

    -My Green Nappy –

    My Green Nappy’s mission is to see that every baby ‘down under’ has that one green nappy to wear.

    Sustainable Hemp Products

    Nappy Competition WINNER ANNOUNCED! Giveaway Nappy was donated by Michelle of Sustainable Hemp Products.

    The simple environmental initiative is based on the collective impact of each family doing ONE thing; having a lovely time lookng around My Green Nappy, discovering all the lovely WAHM’s out there who can help you with your cloth nappy needs, introducing you to new ideas or recapping old information in a new way  – all to help you find the perfect ‘green nappy’ for your baby to wear.

    That simple committment means one less disposable each time it is worn by your baby. Your baby then becomes an ambassador for ‘nappy change’, helping spread the ‘modern cloth’ nappy love and shrinking the eco footprint of baby after baby – just that little bit!

    Our mission is to strive towards every baby having at least one ‘green’ nappy to wear, keeping a throwaway disposable out of the environment each time it is worn.

    With over 300 thousand babies born down under each year, that one green nappy will make a difference!

    Our Comment Question is:

    Do YOU have a green nappy? (Has My Green Nappy inspired you to get your first one?)

    Read through the responses left by other mums to get a feel for how they are getting started, the brands and types they started with.

    Leave a comment in the comment box below.

    January 23, 2010

    Modern Cloth Nappies on a Budget? 3 Cost Cutting Strategies to Save Your Money + 1

    How do I find cheaper cloth nappies for cutting my nappy budget?

    I want to be saving even more by using green cloth nappies…

    – You need to find cheaper cloth nappies in Australia or New Zealand without losing out on quality?

    There are heaps of ways to reduce the money you spend setting up your cloth nappy stash.

    First of all, start with one! That one cloth nappy will have you money in your budget – every time your baby wears it. In this brief article I’ll cover 3 strategies you can use to find modern cloth nappies much cheaper than regular prices. Reusable cloth nappies mean ongoing savings – even when you do buy the top quality ones. So if you like hunting for a bargain, read on…

    3 Strategies for cutting your costs with modern cloth nappies:

    1. Preloved or Secondhand: Great Bargains Are a Click Away, and Soothing to Your Family Budget…

    Used Nappies. They are cheaper. There are plenty of online marketplaces where you can bid on pre-loved cloth nappies. There are sites that specialise in moving quality secondhand cloth nappies from one owner to the next. Some are brand new, as their previous owner picked the wrong size, didn’t like it, didn’t need it, was given it as a gift and didn’t like the colour. Or they happily used it and now their baby has now grown and they are selling off their stash to recoup some cash – perhaps for training pants! There are many reasons; you can shop smartly and grab a very good deal. Aim for at least a 30% discount on a new nappy, more for a pre-loved one – they are used after all! You can expect them to be quite absorbent – BUT, if they have been washed with detergent, a good wash with hot water then time in the sun is a good way to clear out any odours, stains and residues…

    2. A Little Bird Told Me: Follow the Twitter to Special Offers on Modern Cloth Nappies…

    The ‘Twitterverse’ is actually a great place to source specials on modern cloth nappies as they happen. As you may have noticed about celebrities on the news, things are often announced on Twitter first. Modern Cloth Nappy Shops do the same thing. They announce a special – perhaps a super special! They do things like give out special discount codes just to their twitter followers for short- term specials, announce modern cloth nappy ‘seconds’ up for grabs. So, join up, make up a username, start following a few of your favourite nappy sites (You can actually pop them into a separate list) and then, when you need to get a new nappy for your stash – even your first green nappy – pop over to Twitter and do some saving on cloth nappies by seeing the bargains as they are announced!

    Do follow MyGreen Nappy on twitter as well!

    3. Facebook Fan Pages Hold Great Specials For Thee…

    There are lots of fan pages popping up on Facebook. Often, the retailers will have special offers for their fans on these pages, and pre-release special offers on their cloth nappies, source testers for their nappies, perhaps offer the chance for reviews and the ever popular contests and giveaways so you can even WIN a cloth nappy from a shop you like! Certainly joining a few fan pages and keeping your eye on them is another way to help your household nappy budget.

    With these 3 simple strategies you’ll be hunting down bargains in no time then awaiting even more fluffy mail to push that washing day away!

    What if you made it a goal to save 30% on the retail price of the next modern cloth nappy you buy?

    Pick one of these strategies and spend some of your free time next week browsing for the perfect nappy at a discount price to suit your budget. You can target the top quality designer brands, the exclusive IOAK nappy shops, join their lists and grab their ‘seconds’ nappies to have your baby in the best cloth nappies for less.

    That’s the + 1 = Keep your eye on the ‘Seconds’ sections of your favourite brands with the help of the Nappy Style Window for ‘Seconds’ Quality Nappies at My Green Nappy.

    My Green Nappy: Do YOU have one?

    My Green Nappy exists to help you find your first ‘green nappy’. You’ll discover a wealth of information, with the motivation of doing something worthwhile with other members of this growing International Network who share your environmental concerns, and your interest in (or passion for) modern cloth nappies and the more eco-friendly disposable nappies.

    Start with One… As a member of My Green Nappy, you’ll be both relieved and excited at the things you will discover!  Click here to find out more…

    A question to you:

    “How have you saved money on cloth nappies?”

    – Tell us about a great cloth nappy bargain you found.

    September 19, 2009

    Insider Information…How Many Nappies and What Styles are in Your Current Modern Cloth Nappy Stash?

    What modern nappies have you collected for your baby to wear?

    The majority of mums gather a mixed collection of modern nappies as they experiment, switch and swap to find the stash recipe or arrangement that suits their lifestyle, budget and baby.

    What does a Mum who makes or sells cloth nappies use herself? Have you ever wondered what the experts use? Do they only use their own nappies or do they mix and match like you? How many do they have?

    For today’s topic we’ve asked our Nappy WAHM’s about their personal collection of modern cloth nappies, how many, styles, brands, whatever they wanted to share.

    I’m pleased to have contributions from many friends of My Green Nappy included in your advice for today. We have Emma from Brindabella Baby, Mel from Little Para PantsLouise from Scamps BoutiqueEva from Oz Baby Trends, Inge from Earth KidzKyra of Bubbalooba, Cassandra from New Age Nappies, Annette from Iish Fly, Michelle from Issy Bear Nappies, Cindy from Ticklefish TotsAshley from Cheeky Creations, Carli from MiniLaLaTracey from Flattery, Bec from Baby ChilliChris froBaby Bullfrogs, Kate from Nappy DaysAlisha from Baby SafariMichelle from Sustainable Hemp Products and Karen from Baby Blossom.

    Let’s see what they have to say:

    “How many nappies and what styles are in your current (or last) modern cloth nappy stash?”

    Emma of Brindabella Baby:

    My stash is not typical – I have the urge to try out every new brand I see on the Australian market (I call it “product testing” for my shop). So I’ve had over 35 different brands in my stash. At least count (over a year ago), I had over 70 modern cloth nappies, a dozen covers, and 60 terry squares. But keep in mind that I’ve had two in cloth at the same time twice over (three babies very close together in age), and most of my stash was bought for the first baby when nappies came in sizes so only half my stash fits the baby at any given time.

    Mel of Little Para Pants:

    I’ve bought some secondhand Baby Beehinds, several pockets & fitteds I made myself, and a few secondhand pockets that I made useable again (elastic was shot and they had no boosters – easy fix!)

    Louise of Scamps Boutique, NZ:

    I have at least 30 nappies between my two girls, though my eldest is in cloth just at nights. I have Nudey!Rudey!, Boon, Fancy Pantz, Karma kidz, Bummis covers just to name a few
    Eva of Oz Baby Trends:
    Lots of Pop-Ins and Haute Pockets, a few Cushie Tushie Coutures and some Starbunz.
    Inge of Earth Kidz:

    A mix of bamboo and organic all in ones, and fitted ones for the night.

    Kyra of Bubbalooba:

    We have a small-ish stash of Modern Cloth Nappies at the moment, we only have about 10, and many of these are my trial nappies! Amir has some giraffe prints, cheetah minkees, and other various prints…I got my partner to choose some prints to try and get him more excited about using cloth. I end up using terry towelling squares every second day.

    Cassandra of New Age Nappies:

    I’d say I have about 80 nappies, I use terry squares for the first 2 months with Imse Vimse organic covers then I use a mixture of contours and all in ones with a few one size pockets thrown in as trials. Brands include bumkins, Bum Genius’, itti bitti, imse vimse, kushies, drybees, baby beehinds, cushies tushies, blueberry, swaddlebees, natures child, rocky mountain, haute – the list goes on…

    Annette of Iish Fly:

    My last stash (I still have many) Many many Iish Fly medium cord collections in every colour and design. 2 itti bitti’s 2 Honey Boys several Wigglebumz, several Wild Childs and probably a few more that I have forgotton after 12 months.

    Michelle of Issy Bear Nappies:

    I have about 40! Lots of Minky nappies and quite a few Polyester PUL (night nappy material) – too cute!

    Cindy from Ticklefish Tots:

    Surprisingly, my stash is quite small, considering I make MCN’c and have 2 in nappies! I’d say, off the top of my head, about 2 dozen …… alot of my own label (Ticklefish Tots) pockets, AI2’s and nights; itti bitti’s (AIO and SIO), Happy Heiny (pocket), Haute (pocket), BumGenius (pocket), Swaddlebees (pocket), Panda Baby nights, Nappylicious (AI2) plus alot of terry flats (they come in handy for stuffing pockets!!), and a couple of woolly pants that I knitted.

    Carli from MiniLaLa:

    I just sold off about 40-50, so my stash is now halved! I did have 2 babies in nappies for a while, so that’s my excuse, but I would easily have 40 or 50 left – and I’m still taking my own stock.

    Tracey from Flattery:

    I have around 50 nappies made up completely of WAHM made cloth nappies – i have mainly AI2, but also some fitteds.

    Bec from Baby Chilli:

    I would say around 40 nappies.
    Chris from Baby Bullfrogs:
    We did have around 35 for 2 kiddies – now that my daughter is toilet-trained it’s more like 25.
    As I am a nappy-maker my poor son’s stash is extremely dismal – mainly made up of a few very ill-fitting nappies (my first ever cloth nappy purchases before I became aware of the WAHM nappy industry) and the rest are old prototypes of my own Modern Cloth Nappy brand.  I have recently had a bit of down time so have finally set about prettying up his stash!
    Kate from Nappy Days:
    12 all together – 2 Mother Ease, 7 Flexitots, 1 Bamboozle, 2 Easyfit Bamboo.
    Alisha of Baby Safari:
    I am not sure how many I have at the moment. Maybe about 60 all up between the two children. I don’t use all of them regularly though, the pretty ones are kept for when they will be seen!
    None as my baby is now 9 years old!
    Karen from Baby Blossom:
    Nappies nappies nappies, I love to use side snap nappies on my 18 month old. So our stash is made up of Blueberry Side Snap Pockets, Swaddlebees all in ones , Genesa Forge , and of course Itti Bitti AIO’s . We do have a few others floating around in there but these are the first ones I grab.

    3 Recommended Resources for Expanding, Reducing or Revelling in Your Stash:

    1. Expand your stash as you discover the range of modern cloth nappy shops down under by taking the My Green Nappy Guide Tour of modern nappies and how to ‘green’ them…
    2. Reduce Your Stash by Selling, Donating or Trading Modern Cloth Nappies
    3. Discuss ‘Stash Nirvana’ on Cloth Nappy Forums
    – Your Nappy Doulas –

    This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.
    Discover More from Your Nappy Doulas…

    A question to you about your own stash of modern nappies:

    Time to fess up! Tell us what’s in YOUR stash, whether it is brand new, or going strong over three children!

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