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January 14, 2011

Softness: What nappy fabrics are softest? How do I keep my nappies feeling soft?

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Spring Green Promise Nappy Sponsors – Congo Advice #9:

About SOFT Cloth Nappies: Tips and Tricks to keeping them feeling soft.

The Sponsors of the Spring Green Promise Nappies are your Nappy Doulas for this series of ‘Congo Questions’.

All Spring Sponsors were invited to contribute their expertise. Each donated a special cloth nappy as a giveaway prize to become an ambassador for ‘Nappy Change’ as it stops a disposable heading to landfill each time it is worn. You can register at any time to play in the current or a future round.

I’m pleased to have contributions from a number of your Green Promise Nappy Sponsors included in this article. I’d like to thank them for their time and for sharing their experience to help you make the most of your green nappies! We have Louise from Nip Naps, Katerina from Twinkle Lily, Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products, Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba,Yoland from Bumbino, Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies, Nat from Little Diamond Bums and Liz of Real Nappies NZ.

Let’s see what they have to say:

Softness: What fabrics are softest? How do I keep them feeling soft?

Louise from Nip Naps:

Bamboo Rayon is our softest fabric and it actually maintains that feeling for quite some time (but it takes a long time to dry – which can be very annoying).

Katerina from Twinkle Lily:

Bamboo is the softest I have come across, wash after wash it stays soft. If you do have cotton or hemp which tends to feel brittle after line drying, you can pop them in the dryer for a cycle which always helps in softening them up.

You may find one cycle doesn’t always work in which case I pop a clean wet item in with the nappies to help soften them quicker.

Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products:

Bamboo Velour, Cotton velour, Minky Adding 1/2 – 3/4 cup of vinegar in the last rinse cycle will keep nappies soft, giving nappies a shake before putting on the line, a few minutes in the dryer at the end of drying period.

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

Softest absorbent fabrics are made of bamboo/cotton blends.

Softest lining fabric is polyester fleece (synthetic) or bamboo velour (natural fibre)

To keep them soft, dry the nappies slowly and/or gently stretch before drying.

i. flick the fabric/nappy out before hanging out to dry.

ii. use a lower speed spin cycle in summer.

iii. pop nappies in the dryer for 5 min before or after hanging to remove excess moisture.

Yoland from Bumbino:

The softest natural fabric that I have met is bamboo velour. It is velvety soft and also very absorbent. It makes gorgeous wipes/face washers.

Synthetic fabrics such as microfleece, suedecloth and minky are also very soft and have good stay-dry properties .

Keeping fabrics soft?

Summer sun can be very hardening on fabric, so I would suggest minimizing the time fabrics spend drying in the direct blazing sun. Also some washing machines are very hard on fabric. A slightly slower spin cycle or a gentler cycle can keep fabric looking more presentable.

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

Bamboo is very soft and lovely to touch, suedecloth and microfleece are also nice against the skin. YOu shouldn’t hve to do anything special to keep these fabrics feeling soft, just wash and line dry as normal!

Nat from Little Diamond Bums:

They are the easiest nappy to use as they’re pretty much the same as a disposable. Their ease of use is great to encourage hubby, family members and childcare centres to use.

One disadvantage is that they may take longer to dry but new designs are ruling out this issue.

Liz of Real Nappies NZ:

I’m a fan of cotton – it keeps baby cool, is totally breathable, lasts for ever, very cost effective and is super soft! Real Nappies use 100% cotton nappies which are awesome and fantastic quality (how else could they offer a unique 2-child guarantee?!) Bamboo is beautifully soft too as is microfleece. Call me old- fashioned, but I am still a natural cotton fan… why else is the majority of underwear and clothing made of cotton… Simple because it is soft, breathable and the least likely fabric to irritate sensitive skin.

The comment question for you is: What are your tips for keeping nappies soft? What are your favourites?

– Your Nappy Doulas –

This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.

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January 1, 2011

Modern Cloth Mini Trends: Soft Nappies

Are you looking for a SOFT cloth nappy for your baby?

If you can TOUCH a modern cloth nappy – you’ll discover why so many mums fall in love with them. It’s the softness. A soft nappy evokes the gentle sweetness of a baby’s sensitive, precious and soft skin. Have you ever touched bamboo velour? You’ll be in love!

As women, we are primed to know the feel of fabrics, apparently we can very quickly assess fabrics by touch – all that shopping perhaps?

You can ask your local nappy retailers for a chance to see, touch and feel their nappies. Do so!

Let’s have a look at our gallery of soft cloth nappies available at a range of cloth nappy shops down under.

By clicking on the photo, you will be taken to the site where the nappy is or was available. (as pattern trends, supplies and nappy designs change over time)

Modern Cloth Mini Trends– MODERN CLOTH MINI TRENDS –
What’s popular, fashionable and trending in the world of modern cloth? Modern Cloth Mini Trends regularly explores a different area. You’ll see One-Of-A-Kind (IOAK) ‘Show off’ nappies, workhorse and stash filler nappies. Plus you’ll see other types of modern cloth – for a visual overview of Aussie and Kiwi WAHM’s.
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A comment question for you about these Soft Nappies:

What is your favourite soft nappy fabric?

Please leave your responses in the comments section below…

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