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May 11, 2010

White Nappies – 3 Reasons Why They Can Be Your Smartest Cloth Nappy Choice (+ 1)

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White Nappies – Consider the benefits of the iconic in nappy colours!

White Nappies are the quintessential image that comes to mind when we think of nappies, of cloth, disposable, biodegradeable – any sort of nappy. They are everywhere!

Modern nappies come in all sorts of colours these days. In fact, if you have yet to see the varieties of modern cloth available, you are in for a big surprise. Still, there are nappy makers who focus on offering naturally white or natural coloured nappies that are economical to produce, to be used as your ‘stash filler’ or ‘work horse’ nappies that provide the day to day choice for your baby. Worn under light, white or pale coloured clothes, a white nappy will not change their colour through thin fabrics.

Let us have a look at 3 reasons why a white nappy is still a must have in your cloth nappy stash:

1. Re: White Nappies. One colour, a common colour = less cost.

Some colours are more popular than others, and sell out more quickly. Unlike red, orange, green or pink, it is likely you will always find white nappies in stock at your favourite cloth nappy shops and retailers. White is such a standard and economical colour in fabric (in all types of materials) that you may well find they are cheaper, too.

2. Re: White Nappies. The clothes your baby wears often covers their nappy…

When your baby wears plain cotton nappies under their clothes you are not covering up the beautiful designs, embellishments or embroidery. Save the gorgeous colourful modern nappies for summer, for outings when they will be seen. During winter for instance a white nappy will be simply hidden under clothes. White is also good for wearing under pale clothes, which may otherwise show the colours of a brighter print. Pricier prints and more boutique fabrics may well cost more too.

3. Re: White Nappies. Easy to Clean and Sun Loving…

You can whiten and brighten your nappies simply by hanging them in the sun. A pale nappy will not fade in the UV light when you leave them out too long! Stains will magically disappear. Solar power is the friend of your white nappy and allows you to be very environmentally friendly in it’s care.

What is the Bonus +1 Reason for Having a White Nappy?

Unbleached or white nappies are often made of cotton, hemp or bamboo – natural materials that can be hand dyed to give them new life, as a fun craft activity for you, or to cover stains when the sun will no longer get them out. There are special dyes that are environmentally responsible and do not run when put in the wash. So have a bit of craft fun tie-dyeing, embroidering, adding patches or otherwise embellishing them for fun.

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